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Angel Card Readings

My Angel Card readings are strictly for guidance and direction fromDivine Spirit. Each card is uniquely designed  by Steven Thayer, for healing purposes.  I find them very useful in getting messages from Divine Spirit. Stevan Thayer, who is the founder of   "The Healing Angels of the Energy Field", from where my IET program is originated.  When I am doing an Angelic reading, I use my cards to direct me to their life  purposes.  As a result, they find guidance, direction and closure.  Sometimes, people just need to know that they don't have to carry a heavy heart over something that may have happened years ago.  Others need answers as to what life choice they should make regarding their future.  If someone is confused, they will be able to know and understand their own behavior and can work on self improvement, or enhance their spirituality.  What ever the situation is, my readings are very successful in bringing people closer to their Divine Spirit, as well as believing in  themselves.


To learn more about the "Healing Angels of the Energy Fields",


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If you are currently under medical/psychological care, please do not discontinue your treatments. I do not have the authority to make medical predictions or evaluations. Nor do I have a degree to practice psychology, behavioral guidance, or medicine. If I that you are in need of professional care, I will without hesitation, direct you to the proper medical/psychological



Each Session is $60.00 for one hour



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