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Angelic messages from Spirit



 When someone is in mourning, because of the passing of a loved one, their Guided Spirit will send them to people like me, which is a Spiritual Medium.  In many cases, they want to hear from a loved one who has passed so they can find closure in knowing that their loved ones have gone to a wonderful place where there is no more pain, no more suffering.  Just peace. In any case, they will leave me with a sense of closure and peace of mind and their hearts shall be enlightened by the memories that they share d while they were here on earth.  Through my Divine Spirit readings and writings, I not only allow Loved Ones to come through, Angels and Guides as well, thus leading them to their guided path. 


                PRIVATE SESSION    -  1 Hour Sessions at my home.

         TELEPHONE SESSION    -  1 Hour Session via Telephone or Skype

                               GALLERY    -  Open forum with a group of 20 or more


Each private / phone  session is $60.00

Galleries are priced according to the group and prices may vary

Call or email me for details

  401-231-8527     -     401-440-6671








If you are currently under medical/physchological care, plese do not discontinue your treatments.  I do not have the authority to make medical predictions or evaluations.  Nor do I have a degree to practice psychology, behavioral guidance, or medicine.  If I feel that you are in need of professional care, I will, without hesitation, direct you to the proper medical/psychological professionals.



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