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Angels in the Crowd


Can you find the Angels in the crowd

Would you hear them if they cried out loud

Would you see them if they came toward you

With open arms to carry you

While in your hour of despair

Will they take away your fear

Would you trust your life with them

And know that this is not the end

Well the Angels in the crowd

Are not crying very loud

They don’t have wings or shiny clothes

They don’t have a crown that glows

For the Angels in the Crowd

They don’t stand tall

They don’t stand proud

They don’t appear with golden lights

Or sweet, warm whispers in the night

Their clothes are scorched and wet and cold

Their hands and feet are withered and old

Their eyes display a battered heart

When the world around them falls apart

And yet despite their inner fear

They keep on trying because they care

So as you lay down for your sleep

Pray for the Angels around your street

For they will keep you safe at night

If you have been wronged, they will make it right

Who are these Angels, I think we know

Just take a look at the list below

Police, Fire and Rescue Teams

Doctors and Nurses at the scene

Young Soldiers on the foreign sand

Who fight for freedom across the land

Men, Women, and Children of every race

Give of themselves with love and grace

They put their lives on hold for you

In your darkest hour, they will shine through

They love, they care without hesitation

For they are the spirit of this great nation

So everyone, please, let's pray out loud



Written by

Barbara Colangelo – 09-11-01


I wrote this poem in honor of the heroes who gave of themselves during the time of this terrible tragedy. They displayed tremendous courage, strength and perseverance during their most trying times. These Angels make me prouder than ever to be part of this wonderful country of ours.





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