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Hello all my beautiful wonderful friends.  I know this winter is not letting up for so many of us.  The freezing cold temperatures, the horriffic snowfall, and let's not forget the nasty flu that has been plaguing so many of us, including myself and my family.  Therefore, I have decided to give myself a little bit of a recluse until things settle down.  However, I have lots of new and exciting things planned for the upcoming Spring and Summer.  Please check my newsletter periodically and see what i will be planning.  


I will be putting together another workshop for those of you who wish to learn more of how to enhanse your spiritual energy and tap into your own spirit.


Also, soon I will be setting myself up to be on SKYPE for those of you who have a problem with transportation and scheduling because of your busy schedule.  


In any event, I will be looking forward to seeing you all very soon.  Take care of yourselves and God Bless.!!!!  




I am now taking calls for my spring bookings for private sessions and galleries.  Please call asap as my weekends will be filling up quickly.






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