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How do we Cope with the Loss of a Loved One


When life gets scary, we realize that God's world is not completely clear.  We  often ask God "Why have we been given such a wonderful piece of  his work, only to be taken away so quickly?" That is when we are told that we are only human.  We are not allowed  to know why.  We are only taught to rely solely on our faith and what we have learned through our own Christian teachings and traditions.  However, as humans, we do not always obey the laws of the Universe. We tend to show heartfelt gratitude and love toward God for giving us such wonderful gifts.  That is until they are taken away without warning or anticipation.  That is when our faith becomes challenged, and we become angry and resentful.  However, God knows us only too well.  And in the interim, he will provide us with strength, guidance and direction, as to rid ourselves of such emotions. It is through our own Spirit and our faith in God that we may gain some reasoning as to why a beautiful gift, such as our Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Siblings, close friends, and in the most horrific situation, our children, who we love unconditionally had been taken from us.  It is through our own spirit that we can keep their memory alive by carrying out their quest to pass on the love that they taught us while they were here on earth.  There is a difference between "moving on" and just making ourselves comfortabe enough to cope with this terrible loss.  There is nothing wrong with trying to find the best possible way to get through each day without this person in our lives.  Everyone has their own way of mourning and that should be your right.


In time, the pain will subside and the acceptance of their passing will be less  difficult.  In time you will find comfort in knowing that they are no longer suffering and they are no longer in pain.  They are in God 's light and they are finally home, and are  feeling nothing but peace and undeniable love. When God wills it, he will call us to be reunited with our loved ones forever.  Until that time, let us surround ourselves with those who will show us guidance, peace and unconditional love.   




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