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My Blue Sky


Life in general is an abundance of winding roads. As I go along my way, I encounter many different path choices, in which I am forced into making hasty decisions. At that moment, I must choose a path to follow. For the most part, my choices have been good ones. Those were the times where my skies were blue, and I was very pleased with my decision. I felt a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Although, at one time or another, I, like most people, have made choices that brought me to cloudy skies. As I continue my path, my journey becomes longer. From time to time, the sky above me is dark and gloomy, and the world around me is in black and white and the rain is falling. However, there are also times that I will come to a velvety green pasture and a bright blue sky above. That is the moment when I stop and absorb the beauty that surrounds me. As I inhale the warm spring air, and savor the wonderful sense of peace within myself, I am feeling calm and unemotional. However, I soon realize that this world does not belong to me, nor do I belong to this world. Now I must decide if I wish to stay in this world, knowing quite well that it is not mine, or if I should move on in hopes to find my own world. After serious consideration, I decide to keep moving. As I continue forward, I become surrounded by darkness. For a brief moment, I wish that I had not kept moving, and I was in that warm and wonderful world that I left behind. Then my senses begin to take over my emotions and I realize that I cannot look back. I must keep moving forward, even though I do not feel warm and peaceful. My blue sky is far beyond my scope of vision. I am wise enough, though, to know that this feeling will pass. My inner spirit shall reassure me once again, that I have chosen the right path for myself. Soon, I shall be in that wonderful place that I have been so desperately searching for throughout my life journey. I know that if I keep looking straight ahead, and not look to my right, where hatred and strife prevail, or to my left, where greed and wealth dominate the green pastures, I will find my way. As long as I trust my inner spirit, and hold on to my self worth, I will find that wonderful world that I am destined to be a part of. I know that when I find my world, I will belong there, and my blue sky will be mine to keep forever.


Written by

Barbara Ann Colangelo



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