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My Spiritual Journey


I believe that everything in life is guided by Spirit.  I also believe that my path was chosen many years ago.  Through my work, I have a better understanding of human nature.  It is not something you learn in a text book, but a life lesson from our own Guided Spirit.  I feel that if I have helped even one person find their Spirit, thus leading them onto their own guided path, then I know that my work is not done in vein.  This is my story of how I found my Spirit, thus beginning my Spiritual Journey.  


 I have always believed that everything in life is guided by Spirit. I have always had the gift of intuition and spirituality. I feel that I was guided to this part of my life from a very young age. I always knew that there was a life force around us that had no boundaries, no geographical separation and no mass. I knew that there was something more than what we see, feel, hear and touch. Growing up in a full house hold, it was very hard to slip into a meditative state and tap into my own spirit. However, I knew that through my own guided meditation, I could explore the boundaries of the Spirit world, thus expanding the truths in my theories that there was more than what we see around us.




When I was twenty years old, I went to see a wonderful psychic named Alfredo Venditelli. He was located in the Arcade Building in Downtown Providence. I had read about him in the newspaper the day before and he stated quite strongly that he was not a fortune teller, nor did he reveal any bad news to anybody. He called himself a spiritual medium. As soon as I walked into his room, I felt a sense of comfort around me because of all his Religious articles he had around the room. (Mother Mary, Jesus, Angels etc.) My intuitions about him were correct. He was a kind wonderful man who immediately tapped into my soul. His words were warm and calming. l never forget what he told me. He said that in my adult life, I would be following a spiritual path that was going to connect me to a higher power. He said that I was too young to understand and I should just go on with my life. When the time was right, God would let me know. He said that I should just live my life and not give it any more thought because I was not ready. I heard that he passed away a few years ago. I do think of him from time to time and I can’t help but wonder our paths crossing were part of the plan that God had set in motion for me. I would like to think so. He was a very powerful and gifted individual and I am sure that he is watching us from beyond the Light. He truly was an inspiration to me. In retrospect, he was a profit ahead of his time. He did say that the boy that I was with (My husband Louis) will be my life partner. He said that things will not be easy but our devotion to each other will be apparent in years to come. How right he was! My husband is my soul mate, my partner, and my best friend. We have been married since 1974, and I know that the words “Until Death do us Part”, are the absolute truth.




My grandmother, Rose was very gifted. She would take a bowl of water and drop oil into it, thus finding out that whoever she was performing this “ritual” for, had bad energy around them or not. She would pray over the water to remove the bad energy. I didn’t really understand the concept, and it was a little bit out of the ordinary, but I do believe that she was on to something. Out of my own curiosity, I asked her to teach me the prayer.  She said I would have to learn it on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, as time would have it, she became ill before Christmas and died the day after. Therefore , I never really learned what she was doing.  I do remember her telling me that always keep God in your heart and never give that up. I do believe that  my spiritual journey began shortly after her death. After she died, I would talk to her as if she was standing right in front of me. I always felt her presence around me. I would lose things, (keys, money, jewelry,…) and I would ask her where they were and strangely, I would always find them. Over the years, my intuitions became more apparent. My poetry was another way of expressing myself. From my early childhood, I would find great comfort in writing. I would write poetry, short stories, or just my own thoughts. As time went by, I would realize that my words were becoming more sophisticated. I began to realize that they were from a higher power. They were intuitive and inspirational. I would share them with those that I felt were in need of the messages from the spirit world. I could not understand where this was all coming from so I prayed to my angels for guidance and understanding of what I was about to embark on. I soon learned that my angels had an agenda of their own for me. This is how it all began:




Camille, one of my dearest friends, was about to lose the one person who was most precious to her. Her mother, who lived with her, was dying of lung cancer. It was around June when it became very apparent that Laura’s time was limited. Camille was vigilant by her side every waking moment. In the mean time, my family and I were getting ready to leave for our usual weekend trip to Echo Lake in Pascoag, RI. We had a seasonal site for our trailer and we would spend most of our weekends there in the summer. That weekend, before I left for the Lake, I told Camille to call me as soon as something happens. The night that Laura died, my friend and I were sitting outside by the campfire. It was real quiet because everyone else had gone to bed. All of a sudden, there was an unusual swirl of wind in the tree in front of us. We found it very strange because it was basically a very calm night. Following the unusual gust of wind, I felt a buzzing in my ear as if something had swiftly flown by me. Immediately, I noticed that it was twelve o’clock midnight and I knew that Laura had passed. I could not call Camille because I knew it was late so I said that I would call her in the morning. As it turned out, we woke up to torrential rains and decided immediately to go home. Camille did not know that I was home so she called me and left a message on my cell phone. It said, “Barbara, its Camille. I just want you to know that mom passed away at midnight”. I could not believe my ears. When I called her to tell her what happened, she was not surprised because she always knew that I had a connection to the spirit world. As it turned out, Laura (Camille’s Mother) came to me many times thereafter with so many profound messages for her and her family. That is when I realized that my journey was really starting to move forward. 








On October 12, 2002, I was waiting in my car outside of “Center for the Soul”. They were hosting  a workshop for spiritual mediumship, and I was waiting for them to open. As I sat there waiting, a car pulled up and there was a woman in the car that was also waiting for them to open. My car was backed in so our windows were side by side. We both pulled our windows down at the same time. She introduced herself, as did I. She had a warm, sweet smile and her voice was very soft. We spoke briefly about our spiritual gifts and the anticipation of the workshop and learning more about ourselves. I felt very comfortable talking to her and I knew she felt the same about me. From that day, we have become very close friends. Claire is phenomenal. Not only does she speak many languages, she is an author, choir singer, and she is the director of a non-prophet organization that houses people who have fallen on hard times and just need to get back on their feet. She is also a public speaker and a writer of grants for many different organizations. Last but not least, she is also a Spiritual Medium who brings peace and comfort to those who need it. I am proud to call myself her friend and I know we will be friends forever.   


GINNY BUNN (The path to Wellness)


What can I say about Ginny Bunn? There are no words to describe her. She is a phenomenal individual who has nothing but kindness and warmth to offer to anybody who needs it. Ginny is my Reiki Master and Teacher. She called me because she was looking to add Mediumship to her business and a mutual friend of ours gave her my phone number. We talked on the phone for almost two hours. I felt that I knew her my whole life. I am so happy to be part of her world. Every now and then, I would call her because I need a “dose of Ginny”. No matter what issues are going on in her life, she always has time for others. I know that I must have done something right in my life to deserve the honor and pleasure of being part of her life. If there ever was an “Angel in life form”, it truly is Ginny Bunn. You can read more about her place by clicking on “What is REIKI” and the “Path to Wellness”.




I believe that everything in life revolves around our spirit. If we have a high spirit, we are allowing the Divine Presence of the Energies (The Divine Sanctum of God and his Angels) to guide and direct us. I feel that through my life time, I was given signs of a Divine Presence, thus knowing that my path was going to take me to another dimension in life. My desire was always that of helping those less fortunate than myself. I always felt that people who needed comfort and direction are drawn to my spirit. I feel that when those we love pass on, they do not go away. They enter the Divine Light through their love and the love they shared with others. Through my work, I give people the peace and comfort they need by believing that their loved ones have gone to a wonderful place and the memory of them shall live in their hearts forever. My work at times goes beyond the concept of contacting those that have passed. I also, through intense meditation, and through my REIKI and IET practices (see links), give them peace by taking away the negativity that plagues their mind, body, or spirit. They come to me with hope and through the grace of God and my Angels, their prayers shall be answered. However, I do not proclaim to be GOD, nor do I proclaim to be a “Miracle Worker”. I just provide them with hope and proof that God does exist and they are not alone in their time of sorrow. I am just a tool for drawing the positive energy from the Light of God and his Universe. When most people come to me, they are already believers of the Holy Energy Field, thus making my work more gratifying. If I have been blessed with one thing above all, it is the family life that I have. My wonderful husband, my beautiful daughter, and my three precious grandsons fulfill my life. I am also thankful for my amazing Mother who, without her wisdom and her beautiful heart, my siblings and I would never know how important it is to be close to each other and never let anything or anyone come between us. Still to this day, we have a bond that nobody can break. We have learned to pass it on to our children, as they have learned to pass it on to theirs. For those who do not understand, I believe that through a Divine Intervention, they will learn what Spirituality is all about. My work is my passion and as a result of my work, I find great comfort in knowing that my Dear Sister Carol, my Nephew Michael, my Father, Grandmothers, and all those near and dear to my heart, who have passed over, are just a veil away. They all exist in peace and Light. I thank God every day for my wonderful gift and I hope to continue my work as long as I am allowed to.


Please know that the opinions that I have expressed are solely the opinions and beliefs of my own and are not in any way an attempt to instill my beliefs on others. I believe that everyone has the right to their own religious beliefs and practices, and I do not judge them if their beliefs are different than my own. I thank you for allowing me to share this part of my journey with you.




May 27, 2015


Today is a very sad day for me and my family.  We had to say good-bye to my wonderful Mother who was called home to God.  Even though my siblings and I find great comfort in knowing that we made the last few years of her life as comfortable as we could, and she died peacefully with her loving children around her, we are stricken with the pain of not having her here with us.  Her legacy was filled with unconditional love for her family, friends and anyone who had the honor and pleasure of knowing her.  Rest in Peace, Love and Light my beautiful Mother, until we are all together again.






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