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A  Tribute to Pope John Paul


He was a tree

So tall, so wise

When his leaves fell

He did not fret

He knew that they would return

They would be stronger and more beautiful

They would grow with him

They would learn by him

They would pass on their knowledge to the Universe

He would reproduce himself wherever he was needed


In the final moments of his journey

He prayed for peace

He asked us to rejoice in his honor

For he was called home

He gave us love

He gave us light

He gave us strength

He created a new forest for the young trees

We shall prosper from his wisdom

His human body has passed from this life station

Yet his legacy of knowledge, beauty and wisdom shall live on forever

He shall sit by his Holy Master as he continues to teach

While we continue to learn

He is the forest for the tree

He is the beacon for the sea

He is love, he is light, he is hope

May he rest in peace, love and eternal life


Written by

Barbara Ann Colangelo





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