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Written by me when I was about 16 when the war in Viet Nam was in full force


I saw a young man on a hill

He was standing very still

His face was whiteHis eyes were cold

He was only about twenty years old

I saw another young man on that  hill

He was also standing very still

His face was dark, his eyes were cold

He too was merely twenty years old

Facing them on that very hill

Was another young man standing very still

His face was round, his eyes were small

Like the other two, he stood straight and tall

They were all very still but with eyes on each other

With weapons in hand and no Love for a brother

Though each one of them knew deep down inside

They did not want to fight, but they had too much pride

They wondered while standing so proud and so tall

Which ones would remain and which ones would fall

Their hearts were all racing with harrowing fear

Now it was time to move forward; the moment was here

Then just when they started to lift up their gun

From the top of the hill, beamed a bright, golden sun

It appeared out of nowhere with brightness and warmth

From the passions of Heaven, a new day was born

Then through that light, he appeared on the hill

This man was different, though he too was still

His face was so radiant, his eyes were so meek

Everyone knew him, though he did not speak

He just stood there calmly nodding his head

They all heard his message, though nothing was said

If each man was willing to throw down his gun

There would be love and peace for everyone

All of a sudden, the men on the hill

Were no longer standing perfectly still

They all turned their heads to look at each other

But now in their eyes, I saw love for a brother

Soon, the brave men were all side by side

Walking together and gleaming with pride

The world is all calm now, no one wants to fight

Because the men on the hill were embraced by the light

I see this day coming, but not for awhile

I must get through to every man, woman and child

How do I do that, I’m not really sure

But I know I’ll get help from my Savior, My Lord

Now as I speak, please turn to each other

Smile and show you have love for your brother

Lets put an end to this hatred and strife

So the world can have peaceAnd know the true value of life

Written by

Barbara Ann Colangelo 

Please Note:

The contents of this poem refer to human soldiers who represent different race, creed, and ethnic background.  The moral behind this was to point out that regardless of where we are from, what ethnic background we come from, or what color we are, we all share a common ground.  That is that we all have a soul.  If we can all make that soul connection in a divine way, then wonderful things can happen between us.  I was only sixteen years old when I wrote this and If I have offended anyone in any way, it was totally unintentional and I do apologize.   





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