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Who is a Poet

A little girl sees a beautiful butterfly and speaks about it.

"Lady Grace has a beautiful face and wings to die for.

Spread your wings, oh you beautiful creature. Fly away….be free."


A little boy sees a frog, a lizard or a worm.

He eagerly searches for a can or a container to put them in as he walks home..He watches them as the fight for their freedom.  He does not care. He wants his frog and he wants the worms to feed his frog and his lizard.  His hands are soiled as he brushes them against his trousers.  After he holds onto them for a day or two, his heart gets the best of him and he brings them back to the place from where he found them..


A young woman speaks of her first love.


"Oh, how wonderful is my life? He is my world, my destiny, my true love"


A young man feels nothing but the desire for the spice of life.


"I want silver, I want gold. I want fancy cars, new and old. I want a lady who will bow down at my feet. I will shower her with lavish presents, and she shall be at my beckoned call, whenever I need her."  As time passes, will learn the meaning of respect and how to treat a lady.  He shall be forever humble to find his love, his best friend, his soul mate.  He shall learn that love and kindness are more valuable than worldly goods.


A feeble old man remembers his life and he speaks of nothing else.


"When I was a boy, my life was a joy. I was strong and brave. Oh, how time has slipped away"


An older woman looks beyond her years and speaks of what will be.


"Do right by yourself and by others, or your life will be filled with regret and pain. If you have harsh words on your mind, hold your tongue. Go to sleep with a light heart and you will be awakened by the warmth of the golden sun. "


Who is a poet?


In the middle of the Universe lies a huge pond of wisdom. If you are a true poet, you will drink from the pond and nourish your soul. Take a drink. Savor every ounce of wisdom that flows through you. Absorb what knowledge you have found and savor every ounce of it. Choose your words wisely, and share them with anyone who has the desire to learn what you have learned.


You are a poet indeed!!!!!


Written by

Barbara Colangelo





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